Independent Project:

Neon Stories

In this project I created a series of images studying neon lights/signs. Specifically, my goal was to capture the environments these lights and signs were in and how they affect that environment. I've always been drawn to neon lights because of their bright coloring, high contrast and how much life they bring to whatever setting they are in. My goal with this project is to capture that sense of life. All of these images are taken directly from the camera with zero edits or filters.


Independent Project:

Neon Energy

In this project, I created another series of images studying neon lights/signs, but with a different focus. My goal for this project was to capture some of the formal elements that make neon lights so striking and engaging, such as the colors of the neon tubes, the way the tubes curve and bend to connect to each other, and the shapes that are created as a result. Again,

all of these images are taken directly from the camera with zero edits or filters.


Studio Lighting Project:

Glass Photography

I grew up near Corning NY, home to the world's largest glass museum, the Corning Museum of Glass, so I decided to compile a series of my images based around lighting glass. Glass's reflective qualities make it particularly challenging and fun to work with since the slightest changes to your setup can change your image massively. Combining glass with liquids makes this even more challenging. I have also included a couple of setup images to show how a couple of the images were created. As with the previous projects, these images are not edited and are taken straight from the camera.




This is just a collection of some of my favorite photographs that I have taken during my schooling. These include environmental portraits, landscapes, a photographic replication of Harmen Luydingh's 17th-century painting Still Life, and a picture of my dog Charlie.