Corning F.C.

Corporate Identity Package

In this project I took on the job of designing a Corporate Identity Package for Corning F.C., a fictional football club based in my hometown of Corning, NY. I designed the elements to appeal to a modern, young football audience that is steadily growing in the US, with bold, sharp lines and high contrast.


Halogen Energy

Packaging Design Project

In this project I designed the packaging for a fictional energy drink, Halogen Energy. Halogen prides itself on having the most caffeine of any commercially available energy drink. The goal of these designs was to look like a traditional energy drink, but one that would catch your eye if you were glancing past them. Bright colors, an easily identifiable logo, and unique flavor text help to achieve this goal.


Touring Cities

Book Cover Series

In this project, I am designed the covers for a series of tour guide books by the fictional Larry B. Arthur, a world-traveling, taxi-robbing, poker sensation who rarely visits the locations he writes about. The books are about 50 pages long, only talk about a couple of locations, and cost an exorbitant amount of money. Larry's books get terrible reviews, but they still get published. I have never met the man, and he doesn't pay me, but hey, it's experience.


Minimalist Environmental Movie Poster Project

In this project, I am designed a small series of posters for some of my favorite films. The goal of this project was to create posters that focus on the atmosphere and environment of each of the films. There are not a huge number of elements in each poster,  but each element is important and calls back to the films in some way.